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It’s a bold statement, we know. After all, HR is the hot potato that bounces from person to person in many nonprofits. Or it’s done by committee. Or really, just not done at all. Go on. Admit it. HR just distracts you from your mission. So how in the world can HR actually help? We can start by saying, if HR is a distraction, it can’t and won’t help. It will suck the time and money—no—it will suck the soul right out of your organization.

But what if HR became one of your organization’s greatest strengths? What could you accomplish if you had the perfect mix of passionate people,
potent leadership, best practices and an engaged culture –all working together to help you achieve your mission?

Our clients tell us we know nonprofit HR and talent acquisition better than anyone. And as the nation’s only nonprofit HR advocates, you could say we do it with the same passion and conviction that you have for your nonprofit’s mission. We make your mission ours. We can help turn your organization’s HR into an engine that will amplify the impact of your mission. And we can do it starting today. Let us show you how.

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Nonprofit Employment Practices Survey

Nonprofit Organizations Are Rebounding From Recession

The results of the seventh annual Nonprofit Employment Practices Survey, indicate that the nonprofit sector has seen a marked improvement in staffing levels since the recession. According to the survey, more organizations have expanded their staff in 2013, and fewer plan to eliminate positions in 2014 in comparison to 2009 survey results. More Infoimage